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Titolo: Talk Intermediate

Livello: Intermediate / B1

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1. Meeting people

Grammatica: simple past (passato semplice); was, were + born | Lessico: Ordinal numbers; months, seasons anddates; Expressions to say hello and good bye | Speaking: Meeting people; exchange personal information; Say hello and good bye; How to say the date

1. Exchange personal information

2. Ways to say hello and goodbye

3. Exchange information about your best friend

4. Ordinal numbers

5. Months

6. How to say the date

7. simple past: was, were più born

8. My best friend Andy

2. Exchange personal information

Grammatica: "used to" per parlare di cambiamenti dell'aspetto fisico | Lessico: Looks: hair style and color | Speaking: Exchange personal information; How to say hair styles and colors; Talk about your childhood

1. Exchange personal information with people

2. how we look and how we used to look

3. used to per parlare di cambiamenti nella vita

4. A year of change

3. Activities and free time

Grammatica: Present perfect vs. simple past; Already vs. yet vs. never with present perfect | Lessico: Activities to do and monuments to visit; Cities to travel to; The names of the continents | Speaking: Activities we have or haven't done yet; Activities we have already done

1. Activities we have already done

2. present perfect vs. simple past

3. Places

4. Already, yet, e never con il present perfect

5. Some experiences of a life time

4. Free time activities

Grammatica: Present perfect per parlare di attività  divertenti; Adverbs of definite frequency; Frequency adverbs and expressions; However, on the other hand, but e nevertheless | Lessico: Free time activities; Adjectives to describes activities | Speaking: Talk about free time activities; Describe free time activities

1. A day in nature

2. Objects used in free time activities

3. Free time activities

4. Present perfect per parlare di attività divertenti

5. How people spend their free time

6. How often we do our free time activities

7. Definition of some free time activities

8. Express contrasting ideas

9. My hobby

5. Entertainments and recreational activities

Grammatica: Verbi riguardanti le emozioni: love, like, hate and enjoy; essere d'accordi e non essere d'accordi con affermazioni posotive e negative creare aspettative | Lessico: Free time activities | Speaking: Talk about free time activities and entertainments; Talk about likes and dislikes; Agree or disagree with someone's opinion

1. Free time activities

2. Likes and dislikes

3. Agree or disagree with someone's opinion

4. Form an opinion

5. Avatar

6. Likes and dislikes

Grammatica: Il participio presente (present participle) e il participio passato (past participle) come aggettivi; Fare un'ipotesi o esprimere un livello di certezza, | Lessico: Feelings; Book types, movie types, music types and art forms | Speaking: Talk about preferences and feelings; Talk about art

1. Talk about preferences and feelings

2. Il participio presente e il participio passato come aggettivi

3. Express your opinion about a book, a movie, or an art form

4. Talk about a book or movie

5. Where and when a work of art was created

6. Directors of all time

7. The city or the country

Grammatica: I agree vs. I disagree | Lessico: Means of transportation | Speaking: Talk about the city and the country life; Agree and disagree with an opinion; Exchange personal information; Talk about the transportation in the city

1. City life vs. country life

2. Exchange personal information about where you live

3. Exchange ideas about the life in the city and the country

4. Transportation in the city

5. Monuments in the city

6. The cities of the future

8. Places in our neighborhood

Grammatica: Il "you" come soggetto impersonale (impersonal you); Preposizioni di luogo: on, across from, next to, on the corner of; Comparative and superlative adjectives | Lessico: Places in our neighborhood; Comparative and superlative adjectives | Speaking: Talk about places in our neighborhood; Ask directions in a neighborhood; Give directions; Read a map; Talk about things we can do in various cities

1. Places in our neighborhood

2. il You come soggetto impersonale

3. Prepositions of place: on, across from, next to, on the corner of

4. Things we can do in various cities

5. il comparativo e il superlativo degli aggettivi

6. Things to do in some famous cities

7. Singapore

9. The health and the body

Grammatica: Imperative | Lessico: Health issues and their solutions | Speaking: Talk about good and bad activities for health; Give health advice; Talk about Health issues and their solutions; How to talk about a health problem

1. Secrets of a healthy life

2. imperativo

3. How to talk about a health problem

4. Health issues and their solutions

5. The dirtiest, most germ-ridden items you touch every day

10. Talk about health issues

Grammatica: must, should, have to, need to, imperativi; Regular and irregular adverbs; "had to" (il passato di shall / should / must) | Lessico: Health issues and their solutions | Speaking: Talk about health issues; Suggest solutions; Express an obligation; Give advice; Talk about an accident

1. Must, should, have to, need to and imperatives

2. Health issues with related professional jobs

3. Give health advice

4. Accidents and their reasons;

5. avverbi regolari e irregolari

6. had to

7. Common Cold

11. People’s look and style

Grammatica: Il soggiuntivo (subjunctive); "had better" | Lessico: Clothes; Compliments | Speaking: Talk about people's look and style; Give suggestion for clothing; Recommend an outfit; Compliment a friend

1. People's look and style

2. Give a suggestion for clothing

3. Subjunctive

4. had better to give a suggestion

5. Compliment a friend

6. A guide to get dressed for ...

12. Give suggestions

Grammatica: l'ordine degli aggettivi nella frase: taglia, colore; so, too, enough | Lessico: Adjectives; Prices | Speaking: How to say the prices, How to say the sizes; Give tips for shopping; Talk about problems with the clothing

1. Shopping for clothes

2. l'ordine degli aggettivi per la taglia e il colore nella frase

3. Come dire il prezzo e la taglia

4. Tips for shopping and Problems with the clothing

5. so, too, enough

6. Dress for success

13. Feelings

Grammatica: Frasi con il gerundio; Emozioni: il gerundio come oggetto; | Lessico: Feelings | Speaking: Talk about feelings; Talk about things that we like or hate

1. Feelings and happiness

2. How people react in various situations

3. Past Participle as an adjective to describe feelings

4. Gerunds as activities

5. frasi con i compound verbs e il gerundio

6. I verbi che esprimono le emozioni e il gerundio come l'oggetto

7. Things that we like or hate

8. Feelings

9. Laughter is the best medicine

14. Activities related to different feelings

Grammatica: Complementi di tempo con as soon as, when, after, before; Il condizionale: zero conditional; "let's go" e "why don't we" + verb per dare suggerimenti | Lessico: Activities we like to do, | Speaking: Talk about things we like to do; Suggest an activity; Make an invitation

1. Things we like to do

2. Complementi di tempo con as soon as, when, after, before

3. zero conditional

4. Things we do with different feelings

5. Suggestions and invitations for doing things

6. let's go e why don't we più il verbo per dare un suggerimento

7. What to do with each of the feelings below

15. Materials, objects and their problems

Grammatica: "used for" + gerundio, il participio passato; Il presente e il presente continuo per descrivere problemi | Lessico: Objects, Materials | Speaking: Talk about the use of objects; Talk about problems with objects; Describe issues with objects

1. The use of objects

2. used for più gerundio

3. The material of objects

4. Describe problems with objects

5. TV

16. Shopping preferences

Grammatica: "I would rather" e "I would prefer" per esprimere una preferenza | Lessico: Objects; Prices | Speaking: Talk about shopping preferences; Talk about things we do online

1. Shopping preferences

2. I would rather e I would prefer per esprimere una preferenza

3. Prices and shopping

4. Things we do online

5. The Bazaar of the Nations

17. Friends and family members

Grammatica: Apparenza, altezza, peso ed età ; so, such, such a, really; Aggettivi per descrivere la personalità | Lessico: Family members; Adjectives to describe people's look and behavior | Speaking: Talk about family members, looks, behaviors and personal qualities

1. Talk about family members

2. Family members

3. Describe people's look

4. so, such, such a, really

5. Describe people's look and behavior

6. Describe people 2

7. My family

18. Family and household chores

Grammatica: Frequency adverbs and expressions; Verbi ausiliari per risposte brevi con "who" | Lessico: House chores; Family members | Speaking: Talk about family and the house chores; Give information about family members

1. Family and the house chores

2. Auxiliary verbs to respond to questions with "who"

3. More information about family members

4. Daisy and her practical habits

19. The weather and the related activities

Grammatica: Futuro intenzionale (intentional future); "might" vs. intentional future; Passato semplice (simple past) | Lessico: Weather; the activities to do in each weather | Speaking: Talk about the weather; Say the weather and the temperature; Talk about plans; Talk about a past activity

1. The weather

2. Intentional Future and weekend plans

3. might vs. intentional future to talk about the probability of our plans

4. Talk about a past activity

5. Serrated Mountain

20. Future plans

Grammatica: Il primo condizionale per esprimere le possibilità ; If e unless: Il primo condizionale per esprimere le possibilità ; Il future continuous | Lessico: Activities to do | Speaking: Express opinion; Talk about future plans; Talk about reasons for doing or not doing an activity

1. Express an opinion

2. The first conditional to express a possibility

3. if, unless and first conditional to express a possibility

4. Predict and plan actions in future with Future Continuous

5. Things to do on a trip

6. Choose your adventure

21. Foods and diets

Grammatica: sostantivi numerabili vs. sostantivi innumerabili: some, any, a few, a little, much, many; | Lessico: Food groups; Food price; The ingredients of the foods | Speaking: Talk about how often we eat various foods; Talk about how often we go grocery shopping

1. Food groups

2. Food left in the kitchen

3. The ingredients of the foods

4. Food price and grocery shopping

5. Going grocery shopping

6. Tips for healthy grocery shopping

22. Likes and dislikes about food

Grammatica: Tag questions; Enumeratori: first, first of all, second, next, then, after that, last, lastly, finally; | Lessico: Foods; Names of the tastes in English; | Speaking: Talk about likes and dislikes; Talk about what you prefer to eat; talk about how to cook a food;

1. Foods: likes and dislikes

2. The name of tastes

3. Tag questions

4. What to eat in New York

5. Enumerators: Give cooking instructions

6. Fried Rice Noodles

23. Vacations and traveling

Grammatica: I pronomi interrogativi e verbi in infinito; | Lessico: The names of the seasons; Things to take with your on a trip; Nationalities and languages; | Speaking: Talk about things to do while traveling; Talk about monuments and historical sites

1. Talk about trips : question words with infinitive without to

2. Things to do while traveling

3. Talk about monuments and historical sites

4. Things to take with your on a trip

5. Talking about nations, nationalities, and languages

6. Tom’s Diary

24. Describe a trip

Grammatica: Suggerimenti | Lessico: Trips and traveling; Ways of greeting; | Speaking: Talk about best time for traveling; Talk about future plans for traveling

1. Best time for traveling

2. Talk about future plans for traveling

3. Trips and traveling

4. Recommend something and give suggestions

5. Cultural awareness: greeting;

6. An email from a friend